How to get personal loan fast

Personal Loan Eligibility

You can avail of an ICICI Bank Personal Loan if you meet the following criteria:

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Criteria* Salaried
Age 23 years – 58 years.
Net Salary** Salaried individuals with minimum monthly income Rs.30,000
Total years in job/profession 2 Years
Years in current residence 1 Year
**The minimum salary requirement will differ depending on the profile (Type of employer, having relationship with ICICI Bank etc.) of the customer.
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Personal Loan Apply
Criteria* Self Employed
Age 28 years (self employed individuals) and 25 years (for doctors); Maximum age – 65 years
Minimum Turnover Rs. 40 lakh for non-professionals; Rs. 15 lac for professionals; as per audited financials
Minimum Profit After Tax Rs. 2 lac for Proprietorship Firm/Self employed Individuals and Rs. 1 lac for non-professionals as per audited financials
Business Stability In current business for at least 5 years and minimum 3 years for doctors
Existing relationship with ICICI Bank Minimum 1 year liability relationship (current or savings account) or Asset relationship (loan) either live or closed in the last 36 months; repayment track as required
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